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There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.

Sir Winston Churchill

Judith Richardson Saddle Fitter


First things first

There are some things Judith will need to know before she visits your horse to fit a new saddle. When you book an appointment, make sure you tell her:

Your horse's age

Young horses are likely to fill out and develop muscle, whereas older horses may lose condition and muscle tone.

The breed of your horse

This gives the saddle fitter an indication of the type of saddle which may suit your horse. For example, a thoroughbred is a very different shape from a warmblood.

The type of riding you plan to do in it

It is important to let Judith know whether you need a dressage, jumping or general purpose saddle.

Your horse's level of fitness

If your horse is competing the Saddle fitter would prefer to fit a saddle when the horse is competition fit. A saddle bought when he's fat and unfit may not fit when he's slim and competing.

Your details

The saddle fitter will need your height, weight and age. Tell her if you have any special features such as long legs.

Your budget

Let her know if you want a second-hand or new saddle and if you have any personal preferences for manufacturers.

With this information Judith will be able to select the right type, size and make of saddles to bring for you to try.

What facilities will the saddle fitter need?

A flat, hard surface where the horse can be examined and run up in hand if necessary

An arena, school or area where the horse can be safely ridden, and in the winter months it is essential that this is well lit.

The horse – presented in a well groomed condition

Any numnah or pad which you propose using

Griffin NuuMed Numnahs & Saddle cloths in stock